The Amazing Coal Cellar Cam

How it all works

It works by using the latest technology that NASA has developed. I nip into the Coal Cellar with my Kodak Instamatic and take a picture. I then jump on my trusty bicycle and pedal to the Chemist. The Chemist is primed and waiting. (Except Sundays.) I hand over the film for him to develop. As speed is of essence I pay for the one hour service.

After getting the film developed I pedal back to my house. Using my eyes I scan the photograph and download the image to my Computer using PaintBrush. At this stage any slight imperfections in the photograph are touched up.

The next stage is the tricky one. I dial up Demon my ISP. A connection is usually achieved after sacrificing several 5 pences to BT. The image is downloaded to my home pages where it is available for immediate viewing.

The whole process is then repeated so that you get constantly updated pictures so fast you think it is live.

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